Precision BioPharma has a stellar team. We are extremely elective when it comes to choosing our team members. Meet some of the members of the Precision BioPharma Family.

Prasun Mishra, MSc, PhD

Chairman of the Board

My life’s mission has been to save as many lives as possible before I surrender mine. Over the years I have learned the power of team work and how we all can come together and push the boundaries of what is humanly possible.

Harneet Bath, MD, MBA

Medical Director

I am a seasoned healthcare executive leader, angel investor, passionate about improving population health. I am interested in healthcare innovation, digital health, clinical trials and regulatory approvals. 

Kapil Khambholja, MPharm, PhD

Director, Clinical Trial Strategy

I am passionate about clinical trial strategy, evolving regulations and Innovation eventually leading to a positive impact on patient’s lives.

Reem Mahrat

Research Lead

I am a big proponent of collaborative science, and am truly excited about developing life saving drugs that have a potential of saving millions of lives.

Manoj Jadhav, PhD

Regulatory Advisor

I am passionate about getting drugs approved by global regulatory agencies. I have extensive expertise in regulatory, clinical pharmacology and trials in area of antiviral (COVID, HIV), cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Surya De, PhD

Chemist Advisor

I led the medicinal chemistry activities of several small-molecule drug discovery projects at target validation, hit to lead or lead optimization stages resulting in identification of high-quality preclinical candidates.

Sanket Mishra, MPharma, MS, PhD

Med Chem Advisor

My passion is to bring novel life saving drugs to patients. This goal has motivated me to develop several small molecules inhibitors that have gone through FDA IND approval process. 

Harsha Rajasimha, MS, PhD

Clinical Trial Partner

Inspired by patients in my family, I have a goal to impact patients globally. I am truly impressed by PB’s pipeline and its potential to save lives.

Kamala K Maddali, DVM, PhD

Clinical Trial, AI/ML Advisor

I am a rare disease patient, and my passion for precision medicine has recently earned me top 100 most inspiring healthcare changemaker by Pharma Voice.