Precision BioPharma is an innovative company with an Adaptive Translational Research approach and AI-driven research process.

Our compound, PB-004, has a huge potential to save lives of COVID-19 patients through four or more mechanisms.

  1. It works as a stronger anti-viral against COVID-19 and is more potent than the leading anti-viral in use, as well as it posses Anti-Inflammatory, Immunomodulatory and Anti-Clotting mechanisms.
  2. PB-004 provide robust protection against COVID-19 infection and multi-organ system complications such as ARDS, cytokine storm, clotting and blood vessel damage.
  3. PB-004 is FDA approved and safe to use, so it can be repurposed easily using our adaptive Phase 2/3 trial with accelerated Pre-Clinical testing.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • At the completion of Phase 2 analysis along with additional Pre-Clinical data within the next few months, emergency authorization use can be sought from US FDA based on previous safety profile & immediate launch in US followed by other Asian & European markets.
  • PB-004 to be modified by formulation changes to serve as a novel compound for further validation testing and patent estate expansion.
  • Rapid deployment of a pipeline of innovative products developed in an AGILE RADD fashion.


  • Patent Pending Small-Molecule
  • Much stronger anti-viral activity against leading Pharma-backed re-purposed drug currently on market
  • IP expansion for novel precise routes and indications
  • Global coverage of clinical and non-clinical experts
  • Safe, small molecule: easy to formulate and scale- up
  • AI-Driven Pre-Clinical Drug-Discovery and Clinical Development
  • AGILE acceleration–Innovative Rapid Adaptive Drug Development RADD approach

Target Market

Global Antiviral Market of COVID-19 mild-moderate patients to start. Further exploration: other viral infections

Anti-Viral Market: $56 Billion in 2019-Growth Rate: 10%


Weak – All COVID-19 drugs/molecule under-development have single/dual target while PB-004 has FOUR potential mechanisms

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